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  •  248 RESULTS PROVEN REBUTTALS with exact words, voice inflection and the background psychology of handling objections. 
  •  17 UNIQUE CATEGORIES including selling insurance for spouses, mortgages, retirement, children, millennial, career women, sole proprietors, partnerships, and more. 
  •  7 SAMPLE CLOSES that illustrate the psychological principles you’ll learn in The Saleshero’s Guide To Handling Objections. 
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  •  Deep dive into the principles of objections, rebuttals and closes, guiding you to become a more productive and effective insurance sales professional. 
About Lloyd Lofton L.U.T.C.
Lloyd is author of The Saleshero's Guide To Handling Objections and founder of - an online training program focused on empowering sales professionals with precise sales tools to scale their business and gain more wallet share with their clients. He is past President of the Senior Insurance Marketing Association, a frequent contributor to industry magazines like Retirement Advisor, NAFA, and InsuranceNewsNet. He has been interviewed by The Wealth Channel through American College and Annuity News Now. He is a mentor for, AA-ISP and he is a member of the National Speakers Association. 
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